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  • June 24, 2019
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Fireworks and Dogs and Cats

Fireworks and Dogs and Cats

It’s the time of year for loud booms and bright blasts! While fireworks seem fun and entertaining for us, fireworks and pets can be a scary thing.

It is that time of the year again, and fireworks will be going off everywhere! Though July 4th is the typical day to celebrate with Independence Day fireworks, many other celebrations going on could include fireworks, too. These include graduations, Labor Day, or just as part of summertime fun!

If you plan fireworks or know you’ll soon be hearing them, remember your pet. While the displays can be fun and entertaining for us, they can also be scary and sometimes dangerous for people, as well as pets.

To protect your pet from fireworks, keep them either in the house or in a secure area away from  shooting fireworks and falling embers. Keep these ideas in mind when the bright blasts and loud whistles and booms start:

  • Allow for your pet to go to places he feels safe. If the kennel is typically his safe spot, make sure your pet has access to it. Think about other places—from under the bed to in a deep closet—where your pet can spend time away from the noise or glare.
  • If necessary, create a safe spot for your pet. Find a compact room like a closet, perhaps, where your pet can stay during the fireworks. A cozy room in the middle of your house will dampen the sound. It would be a good idea to have your pet’s blanket and a few favorite toys in there as well.
  • Familiar noises will make your furry pal more comfortable. Play some music on a stereo or have the television on.
  • If the strange lights from fireworks set your pooch’s barking off, try closing the curtains so that it won’t be disturbed.

Enjoy fireworks while keeping your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. Then you’ll all be able to enjoy the festivities, each on your own terms.

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