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  • September 21, 2020
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Cats that Spray

Cats that Spray

Just like some male dogs have the bad habit of lifting their leg to mark things, some cats spray items or objects to mark as their own. Learn how to help get rid of this bad behavior.

Since we have already discussed how to help get rid of dogs marking their territory, it is only fair that we now talk about how to discourage cats from spraying. My family has an older cat named Persian. Persian is a great pet in many ways, but one of his earlier downfalls was that he used to spray objects to mark his territory. However, we stumbled upon a few tips that helped us get rid of that habit for good!

One of the best things you can do to reduce the amount of spraying is to have your cat neutered or spayed at by the time it is six months old. You may have noticed that I included spayed in there. That is because female felines can spray as well! However, more than 90% of cats will not start spraying if they are “fixed” before the behavior begins. If you have multiple pets, another tip is to help them have good relationships. Cats and other furry critters that get along with each other are less likely to be competitive. Therefore, they are less likely to have the desire to mark their territory. You can help this process by playing with all the furry critters together. Also, if you have multiple cats, have them eat and sleep together.

However, if you have a rather stubborn feline that can’t seem to stop the bad habit, there are sprays available in the pet stores that you can use. The sprays have foul odors that repel cats, which means that they won’t want to mark that area or object. Some such sprays are SSSCAT Spray and No-Scratch! spray.

Have no fear! With a little patience you are steps away from a non-spraying pet!

Did you ever have this problem of your cat spraying? Share any tips you discovered with us in the comments!

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